Lexington, KY’s Boomslang Fest takes advantage of the gorgeous early fall weather in the Bluegrass to let the students and volunteers who keep the signal of University of Kentucky’s WRFL 88.1 modulating righteously. Now in its fifth year, this budding four-day event adopts the modern urban festival model, utilizing a variety of traditional, non-traditional, and funky spaces to throw raucous shows wherever it’s prudent to do so — be it a church, bar, restaurant, courtyard, etc. As one of the country’s finest college stations (full disclosure: I’m an RFL alum, but it’s true), WRFL showcases its diverse sonic palate through an expertly curated lineup. Better yet, this relaxed weekend offers a premium festival experience for an insanely affordable ticket price, especially for students. Here’s a gallery of what you missed this year.