I forget the when or where. I think I was talking with Zach about figuring out a Valentine’s-related event that wasn’t cliche or lame. That’s where the idea for My Crummy Valentine was birthed (with respect to Vectortone‘s man-on-the-street Clark for coming up with the name). So I formed a band with some of my friends, which included members of Twin Limb, The Deloreans, Maximon, and BRENDA. You can dig into the story of how it all came together in the interview I did with Syd from Never Nervous just prior to the show. We got to play one of the last shows on the old stage at Zanzabar on February 10th, 2017. Over 100 people showed up! My amp cut out a dozen times! But it was OK but it sounded great and everyone had a good time. Spettra did trippy visuals. We touched on all three albums too (but mostly Loveless)! We’re gonna do it again Halloween! I’ll stop with the exclamation points!

Only Shallow
When You Wake (You’re Still In a Dream)
Blown a Wish
Feed Me With Your Kiss
New You
I Only Said
To Here Knows When

Anyway, I wanna form more bands. Some original stuff too, of course. But tribute acts are really fun. I always thought a Stereolab cover band would be groovy, especially early Stereolab in which three chords were one chord too many. If I was a bigger Dead Kennedys fan, I’d put together a tribute called There’s Always Room For Jello.