Halloween marks the time of year that bands across the country sonically dress up as other landmark artists, but seldom does a member of the original band pop in to help with the covers.

Two skilled bands took to task the catalog of Silver Jews and Pavement Thursday night at a small and beloved neighborhood bar in Louisville, KY, supporting Third Man Records act Timmy’s Organism, when original member of both, Bob Nastanovich, got involved.

During Cereal Glyphs’ celebration of the Matador slackers, Nastanovich jumped in on vocals and percussion for “Rattled by the Rush” halfway through their show, lending percussion and background vocals for the remainder of the set (save for a couple trips to the bar buying rounds).

“When I was a kid, seeing someone play songs from a band you loved, like if Pete Towsend played The Who, was a hell of a thing,” Nastanovich said. “These guys are doing it better though.”

Nastanovich echoed similar sentiments when he crashed Pavement tribute band Crooked Corners earlier this week in Nashville.

All other Pavement tributes should take notice—Nastanovich is up to perform, if you can find him.